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Franklin County Federation of Fish and Game Clubs Minutes



When: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Where:  Meeting held @ Packbasket

Address:  781 NY-86, Gabriels, NY 12939


Meeting called to order      7:00 p.m. by President Ray McIntosh

A Pledge of Allegiance was said

Roll Call:

Alexander MacDonald -     2                 

Best Club -                        0                

Chateaugay -                     1                 

Malone -                             2                

Saranac Lake -                  3                 

Tupper Lake -                    2                

Bill Gutersloh made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report and  Theresa Trudell seconded. 

Theresa Trudell will send Treasurer’s Report by email directly to Secretary although she mentioned the following:  $810 deposit, $269.95 paid to Daniel Tower to reimburse him for the amount he paid to Sullivan Electric for the fan, and $90 was paid to cover for individuals to attend the NYS Conservation Council.

Legislative Report: Bob Brown indicated he did not have anything specific to share other than restating that he had previously sent out information on one resolution.

Old Business:  The donated quiver to be raffled off this fall will be going to the Alexander MacDonald Club for display this coming month.  Ray McIntosh wanted to remind all the clubs that the Nellie Staves Award should have their nominations in by July so that in August the plague will have time to come back to have engraving  done along with the individual plague.

The motor for the Fish & Game Club Building at the fairgrounds is at Sullivans but not installed yet but it is paid for.  Bruce Charland mentioned that a meeting was held last Thursday, April 12th about the mural for the Federation Building at the Fairgrounds.  The school is not communicating well with him so he plans to get a private individual instead to paint the mural.  The question was also posed as to whether BOCES could possibly repaint the easel and the ducks and sign over the door.  Also, mentioned was the need to paint the inside walls of the Federation Building.

Bob Hudak, a member of Tri-Lake Trout Unlimited and Bob Brown met with Lance Durfey, Regional Fisheries Manager held @ Raybrook.   They discussed how utilizing an airplane they could take aerial pictures that show fish migration in the river and that as far as brown and rainbow trout are concerned that brown are deep-water fish and rainbows are shallow.  Fish stocking started April 17th and that both men felt the stocking program was on the right track.    

New Business

Phil Winters ordered fishing poles for the Franklin County Fair kids raffle and Theresa Trudell will bring checkbook next meeting to reimburse him the cost of the fishing poles.

The Franklin County Fair will be held this year from August 3rd – 12th.   The schedule of dates for each club to work at the fair is as follows:

Malone Fish and Game                      Aug. 3-4

Alexander MacDonald Club               Aug. 5-6

Tupper Lake                                        Aug. 7-8

Chateaugay                                         Aug. 9-10

Saranac Lake                                      Aug. 11-12

Frank Jessie offered to donate $500 for the cost of expenses for the Federation Building (paint, etc.).  Once he receives the receipts, he will provide reimbursement. 

Dan Tower will verify with Nancy Legacy if she is willing to be the Coordinator at the Franklin County Fair again this year.  Theresa Trudell mentioned that Nancy had done so much last year which was appreciated.

D.E.C. indicated that Meacham Lake will be stocked on April 18th with 2,600 splake. 

DEC Officer J.S. Cranker noted that the Youth turkey hunt on April 21-22 (half hour before sun up until noon each day) statewide.  They can take one gobbler on the weekend and two for the whole season. 

May 19th there is a Fishing Derby put on by the Alexander MacDonald Club for the youth.  They will be giving away two lifetime licenses.

The Chateaugay Fish and Game Club will be putting dates of Hunter Safety Courses (ex:  Bow Course) in the Free Trader.

The monthly federation meetings will be held at the following clubs during the summer months.

May 17th                    Alexander MacDonald

June 21st                   Tupper Lake

July 19th                    Chateaugay

August 16th               Malone

September (to be determined)            Annual Meeting




Where to meet next – Thursday, May 17, 2018, 6 p.m. for dinner followed by the meeting @ 7 p.m. @  Alexander MacDonald Club, Red Tavern Road, St. Regis Falls, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Motion to Adjourn – Bill Gutersloh and seconded by Frank Jessie.

Minutes submitted by Dan Tower (Federation Secretary)

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