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From the Desk of the President


At the December meeting the Membership approved sending 2 kids to the DEC summer camp, and 2 to the 4H camp.   Drawing will be held at our January meeting, which is Jan. 7, at 7pm at the clubhouse.  The drawings will be held prior to the meeting, and all members are welcome to attend the drawing and the meeting.


We will be accepting entries for the drawing immediately, and the following rules and guidelines must be followed.


1.      In order to submit an entry you must be a paid up current member of the club. If you have not paid your dues or have never been a member you must join and pay the dues prior to submitting and entry.

2.     A member may submit their children and or grandchildren who meet the age requirements.  The member can submit more than 1 child, and children can be entered for both DEC and 4H camps, however they can only attend 1 camp.  The DEC camp will be drawn first and if the winner is entered for 4H camp as well, their 4H entry will be removed. (If the child prefers 4H camp I would suggest not entering them in the DEC drawing.)  In addition to the winners 4 alternates will be drawn for both camps.   Please be sure the child is willing to attend a camp prior to submitting their name.

3.     There are 3 ways you may enter a child:

A.     E-mail – this is the preferred method.  Send the email to me at adksds@gmail.com and be sure to include all info as requested below.  All entries can be in 1 email.  I will reply to each email received saying I have received it as quickly as possible, if you do not hear from me within an few days call me at: 518-353-2430.  Emails do get lost in transit sometimes, so please watch for my reply.

B.     Mail – entries must be received by Jan 6th to ensure they get into the drawing.  There is no way we can be responsible for entries that are lost by the Post Office.

C.     In Person – you may enter children on the evening of the drawing in person up to ½ hour before the drawing time of 7pm.  Please have all requested info legibly written out to give to us.

D.    No entries will be accepted by phone – no exceptions.

4.     Ages:   DEC camp - Campers must be 11 -13 for some camps, and 14 -17 for others, depending on the location and curriculum.  Go to the DEC web site for all info on the camps including curriculums and age requirements.

             4H Camp - There are 2 age categories:  Clover Buds – ages 6-8, this is a 3 day 2 night camp; regular camp – ages 8-18, 6 days 5 nights.

5.      Information required with entry:

Club members name; contact info, phone# and email if there is one; camp type (DEC or 4H); Childs name; Childs age.

6.     If your child is chosen, you will be notified immediately.  DEC Camp fills extremely fast, camp registration opens on Jan. 26, at 1:00 pm.  You MUST enter the child on line at https://www.dec.ny.gov/education/29.html, this link will give you all the info you need about the camps.  Toward the top there is a green box that says camp registration, click on that and follow instructions.  You will be given a code by us that you enter to make the payment.   Registering the child is your responsibility not  the clubs, please do not ask us to do it for you, we can’t.

4H Camp registration info is not available at this time but will be sent to you if your child is chosen.